Trending Ideas for Curtains in 2021 By Julian Brand Actor Homes
The Best Curtain Design Trends 2021 for Your Home

Trending Ideas for Curtains in 2021 By Julian Brand Actor Homes

Curtains are a great way to finish off a room’s décor and create something new. It’s generally the final thing that comes to mind while you search for the right combination of chairs, wall hangings, wall colour, and other elements to achieve optimum balance. No, the actual worth of draperies in a space must be eliminated for these factors. Every element of the space functions as a jigsaw, with each component essential to the formation of the whole, creating the ideal pastime for every member of the family and guest to experience. The planners’ major job in this scenario is to properly integrate the utilitarian and ornamental roles of gallery frames, which should draw the least level of publicity while contributing to the house’s beauty. So here we bring to you the most important curtain trends of the year.


In the year 2021, neutrals will ultimately prevail in terms of colour. Browns and beige shades, as well as other earthy colors, have swiftly supplanted light shades, and curtains are everywhere. Lilac, ochre, pale pink, and cobalt blues are all popular options among homes. Designers wouldn’t have to bother about matching curtains to furnishings or decor because these colours work nicely with a variety of colors. Monochromatic drapes are also a preferable choice than patterned curtains if the background has a busy pattern. Owners may create a warm and friendly atmosphere, rather than one that is intimidating or harsh, by using neutral drapes or a subdued colour.

Neutral curtain design trends by Julian Brand
Neutral curtain design trends by Julian Brand



An open or bright atmosphere is one of the key curtain themes for 2021. Curtains that are too thick and dense can make a space appear and feel narrower. Some visitors may feel so uncomfortable in a space with thick curtains, particularly if the space isn’t particularly spacious to start with! Nonetheless, because dense materials absorb moisture, this is happy opportunity for anybody attempting to withstand the heat and humidity.

If customers want to stay up with curtain trends in 2021, they should utilise folds, pleats, and other embellishments that take up much space sparingly.

LIGHT AIRY CURTAINS julian brand actor
Light and Airy Curtain Style


For north-facing openings and small rooms where the proportion of light and air must be properly managed, window decorating with translucent and transparent drapes is a great option. At the same time, you won’t need closely packed curtains in this situation: light-weight draperies will provide the essential sense of cleanliness, space, and lightness.

Tulle is a  material with a fine-mesh texture that better transmits light and makes the window decoration more expressive owing to volumetric weaving.The material is translucent and has a smooth and silky feel. It scatters sunlight very effectively, giving the impression of brightness without being overwhelming.

TULLE CURTAINS julian brand actor
Tulle Curtains Design Style


The hottest curtain patterns to sweep the globe by surprise are delicate flower and botanical patterns, which compliment the delicacy of transparent, layered modules. Homeowners, on the other hand, are not restricted to certain designs. Even those who prefer clean and basic curtain designs over busier patterns will find something to their liking. Stripes, particularly horizontal and chunky stripes, are a good choice for curtains this year. The simple lines look well in a minimalist setting. Furthermore, elegantly printed Austrian and Scandinavian curtains provide consumers with more alternatives while displaying their refined sense of taste.

ROMANTIC FLORAL PATTERNS curtains julian brand actor
Romantic Curtains with Floral Pattern



Dense draperies, step aside! It’s time for linen to bloom. Linen is an organic material, which is one of the grounds it’s a hot commodity for luxurious window treatments in 2021. Curtains made of linen, like organza sheer panels, are light and airy, making them ideal for tropical climes. However, linen diffuses the light more and does not allow as much light to pass through. The end effect is a gentle, romantic appearance. Of course, homeowners may get the desired effect by installing a second curtain behind their linen panels, but a single layer of linen curtains will float lightly in the wind when it’s cold enough to open them.

LINEN DRAPES julian brand actor
Linene Drapes


Curtains are clearly a prominent window-decorating choice, and their design obediently varies from season to season. Please try to mix and match fabric drapes and contemporary window coverings to create an appealing and comfy look.

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