Kitchen Trends 2021 By Julian Brand

Kitchen Trends 2021 By Julian Brand

The kitchen has evolved into the most versatile and frequently used area in every home. Our kitchens are changing, from open-concept living spaces to temporary home offices.Investment in any aspect of the kitchens may be quite beneficial, not just while you live there but also when it comes to increasing the value of your house for later. With a peek at the newest trends in Kitchen decor, you’ll be motivated to create the appropriate style decisions for your house.

Kitchen trends shift better as the season advances in the world of home decor. As individuals and homes become more creative, a variety of novel ways are developed, yet many old styles are still employed and considered stylish in today’s new styles. As a result, we’ll be concentrating on and building on the most amazing kitchen ideas .


Using colours to create a modern, customised appearance in the kitchen is a cost-effective and simple method to do it. Color is bound to lend vibrancy to everything in the kitchenette, including devices, cabinets, and floors. Color pops are unsurprisingly high on the list of current kitchen trends, and they’re also cost-effective if you’re planning a makeover. Colors may be utilised to make a kitchen seem elegant, joyful, vibrant, or even dramatic and adventurous.



A decade ago, the urban style made its way to the whole world. We initially saw it at bistros and artistic venues. It crept into our dwellings gradually but persistently, in the shape of bare concrete walls and rough cable or metallic lighting. The industrial design is likely to take over kitchens in 2021.


Expect to see a few kitchens with high roofs and timber beams strewn throughout. Metal knobs and lamps, as well as cement poured floors and walls, will reign supreme. Kitchens with a natural appearance are here to stay!



The beauty and minimalism of the design features it contains, white spaces and furnishings are always very popular. It’s no wonder, therefore, that white kitchens have remained popular for centuries, particularly in recent years. The colour white is peaceful and plain, sleek and basic, and the lighting was enhanced to ensure that the space rarely felt boring. All of these characteristics are required in a crowded environment. White is also easy to modify, unlike other hues, which may be tough to repaint over or rebuild. White is also calming, which you can emphasise with white marble countertop or light fittings.





Contrasting counters, like contrasting mosaics, provide a degree of refinement and grace to a space, making it appear more eye-catching. Monochrome worktops will make the space appear more sophisticated and finer, while a blend of primary colors will give the kitchen a vibrant feeling of delight. In this fresh and open idea, any hue can be used, but it must be striking. It will give your kitchen a feeling of originality, which was a previous year’s concept but is now being implemented in this current kitchen style.

contrasting counter top by julian brand actor homes


While white kitchens stay relevant, black kitchens are gaining popularity due to their streamlined and gloomy appearance. An all-black kitchen exudes passion, elegance, and crankiness, which someone with a sombre or serious mindset would like. Natural accents, such as a marble slab backsplash, may give an all-black space a much more pleasant and homey vibe while yet being solemn, elegant, and sophisticated. Other colours that clash with black, such as white, can help to accentuate the room’s attractiveness even more.

all black kitchen by julian brand

The cuisine, leisure, and interaction were never more essential in 2021 than they were now. Without a doubt, the desirability of a property has increased more than before, especially after the epidemic. However, this shift is more noticeable in the kitchen. People who often dine out in cities are increasingly using the apparatus to cook at home. Although the new year may appear to be lighter at first, the desire for warm will not go away; rather, it will only increase in truth since we, as humanity, want warmth in our lives.

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