In the conditions of adversity in 2020, we sought security and comfort. Now, as we embark on this exciting wonderful era, we’re looking for fun and pleasure (even if it’s only from the comfort of home!) The leading color trends for 2021 suggested by Julian Brand will reflect this.


We understand. You’re just an ordinary guy going about his business while attempting to seem as cool as possible. You pick up a copy of Vogue on your way to work every now and then, but you’re not interested in fashion trends in general. After all, you’re your unique individual!

However, if you’re anything like us, you’ve been running out of ideas recently. Color trends may be a great way to rekindle your creativity. Let’s take a peek at the most popular hues this year.


COLOUR TRENDS IN 2021 by Julian Brand Actor

Pantone, the godfather of colour matching, gives their top colour selection every year. Pantone’s fan decks, which are a set of bound paper cards with different shades of colour swatches, are what helped them acquire popularity and loyalty among the design world. Despite the fact that the event is billed as the “Pantone Color of the Year” for 2021, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray have announced a colour cooperation. This combination sends forth a lasting and inspiring message of power and optimism.


COLOUR TRENDS IN 2021 by Julian Brand Actor

The color cerulean will take center stage. This color is a clean, baby blue that recalls the blue sky on a June afternoon. It’s a lovely representation of the countryside in 2020, with so much time spent indoors. It also has a little grey tint to it, which gives it a mysterious feel.

This adaptable hue may be utilized in virtually anything, from logos to banners to corporate brochures. It might be utilized by brands in a variety of areas, including healthcare and business. With this one, the sky’s the limit!


COLOUR TRENDS IN 2021 by Julian Brand

Petrol blue and blush pink are an unusual color combination, to say the least. Despite this, they just function! The yin to the yang of petrol blue is the delicate, lovely pink. Together, they form an urban duo that is ideal for modern companies. Although pink is the most divisive of all the on-trend colors, we’ve already seen everything from flamingo pink to watermelon in ensembles and store windows. It’s time to stop being terrified and feel comfy with this vibrant color infusion.


COLOUR TRENDS IN 2021 by Julian Brand

On their own, these soft, cold hues are soothing. But what about when they’re paired? The end product is quite amazing. For companies looking to communicate a calm feel, this similar pair will be a solid choice. You may have a lot more variety with analogous schemes while still maintaining your themes basic and coherent.

This style is ideal for companies who wish to convey a sense of peace. Because of how color theory is developed, your color choices will belong together and mix nicely no matter what.

This style is a consequence of the ombre we’ve been witnessing for a few years, and it will give your upcoming re-branding effort a fresh lease on life.


COLOUR TRENDS IN 2021 by Julian Brand

Reduced mobility and working remotely have resulted in certain mental shifts. Wildlife came out of hiding while we were cooped up at home in 2020, and vision increased as pollutants were decreased and water bodies were cleaned. The world, in the words of conservationists, “healed itself.” Our dwellings, too, should be green. As a result, earthy tones will dominate the roost this year, evoking a sense of sustainability. Feature rooms or painting a nook may be done in dark browns, fiery shades of red, and a variety of other muddy hues. Julian Brand suggeset this color looks well with plants and weaved textures like jute and rattan. Natural textiles, such as linen, will further complement the color’s ecological attitude.

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