Best Professional Interior Designing DIY Tricks By Julian Brand

Best Professional Interior Designing DIY Tricks By Julian Brand

Ever wanted to redecorate your home or hire a professional interior designer, however, never got the opportunity to do that. Well, Julian Brand is here with DIY tricks to help you. What if you were told that you can do it all by yourself. Make your home look like a place that has been worked on by a professional interior designer. Being in the field for around five years, Julian Brand knows all the tricks of the interior designing world. If you just do it right, you can do it yourself. The only thing you need to focus on is the basic factors of interior design. That way you’ll redecorate your home like a professional.

In this article, Julian Brand will help you in understanding how to make your home look like a luxurious hotel or just jazz it up a bit. These tricks are what all interior designers use to redecorate a space. Learning how to use color schemes and rearrange things, you’ll be able to redecorate your home all by yourself as they are the most basic concepts of interior designing. Julian Brand highly recommends using these tricks if you’re unable to hire a professional interior designer. So, here are the best professional interior designing DIY tricks by Julian Brand:


Use Different Color Schemes

actor play with colors DIY Tricks By Julian Brand

Once you get a good idea of the style and pattern you want, the next step is to select a color scheme that defines you. This can be a tough job to do as color is a personal thing. Selecting a color scheme means that you’re going to go with the colors that you vibe with and best represent you. Julian Brand recommends going for a color scheme that connects with your soul. No one can help you in choosing the color scheme that fits you best. You are the one who can do that as it’s your home that you’re designing the interior for yourself. Julian brand chose a combination of tangerine, brown, and teal because that’s the color scheme he vibes with the best. This is one of the best professional interior designing DIY tricks by Julian Brand.


Texture Is Important

Julian brand actor shares some texture ideas

Once you select the color scheme that your soul connects with, the next thing you need to do is add some texture to the design. This is an important thing to do, especially if you have selected only one color for your color scheme. If you enter a room that has a single color as a color scheme, you’ll notice different textures and shades. If you look closely and that just adds an aesthetic look to the house. Julian Brand has done this for many clients who wanted just a single color in the color scheme and the clients loved the work. Textures help a lot by improving the looks of your house. Choose the textures that suit you best and you won’t need an interior designer.


Statement-Making Furniture

julian brand actor shares some statement making furniture piece

The biggest mistake most people make is just stuffing good-looking small furniture in just one room. This just makes the room look too filled up and it feels like there is very little space in the room. Instead of doing this, try placing a big statement-making furniture piece in the room such as a big sofa, TV compartment, or bookshelf. A piece of big statement-making furniture fills up space while not making it look like there’s very little space. Julian Brand has a big sofa in his living room and it perfectly covers up space while making the living room look comfortably spacious.


Decorative Baskets, Bowls, And Trays Always Help

julian brand shares actors home design baskets

Using trays, bowls, and baskets for interior designing is like trump cards for interior designers. Many interior designers use these things to liven up the place they are redecorating. If you use trays, bowls, and baskets with impressive colors, patterns, and designs, you won’t need to do anything else special in order to make the room look good. Julian Brand himself has a number of baskets, bowls, and trays in his house, placed on tables and counters. This trick always works if you just wanna do an easy job while redecorating a room. Just add some of this stuff like Julian Brand did in his guest room and the work is done in mere minutes.


Flowers For Every Room

actors like flowers in every room a DIY tricks by julian brand

Flowers are the easiest available pieces of decoration out there. They really do the job of bringing life and beauty to the place. Using flowers in your home will make your home look like a garden of happiness. Using flowers like lilies and roses always works for adding beauty to the room. Make sure you get the flowers you vibe with and that you love, just like Julian Brand has lilies and marigold all over his house. They really go well with Julian Brand’s color scheme of tangerine, brown, and teal. Using flowers really helps a lot in decorating your house. They are one of the best tools at an interior designer’s disposal.

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