Best DIY Interior Design Ideas By Julian Brand

Best DIY Interior Design Ideas By Julian Brand

Interior designing is the thing that Julian Brand is most passionate about and he wants to spread this passion so that people can experience it for themselves. Due to this reason, he wants to share some of his DIY interior design ideas. This will allow people to explore the world of interior design themselves and create an interesting space to live in. Many people wish to redecorate their homes themselves as it saves a lot of money and hassle. However, they can’t do that because of a lack of experience. Julian Brand is here to solve that problem for you with some best DIY tricks for interior design.

For following these DIY tricks, you don’t need any special skills, talent, or knowledge. These tricks are so easy that even the most inexperienced person can execute them with perfection and make their house look like a total masterpiece all by themselves. Julian Brand says that these DIY interior redecorations are sure to turn some heads and catch many eyes. Your family and guests will be highly impressed by your work and you might get a lot of praises for it too. So, here are the best DIY interior design ideas by Julian Brand:

Rearrange Your Furniture

actor Julian Brand shares rearranged furniture picture

The simplest thing you can do to change the look of your home is to rearrange your furniture. Just changing the position of your furniture changes the whole look of a room. You’ll feel like you’re in a different place with the same furniture. Julian Brand himself changes the position of his furniture every month to keep a fresh feel in his house. You can do it too and you’ll be surprised by the different types of designs you can come up with. Julian Brand started his interior design journey this way and look where he’s at now.

Time To Pick Up The Paint Brush

Changing paint Design Ideas By Julian Brand actor

New paint on your walls or furniture might just be the thing your house needs to look fresh and redecorated. Stability is an illusion… only change is real and it is required from time to time in order to keep things interesting. That’s why Julian Brand recommends people to keep changing things in their life and that goes for your wall paint as well. Julian Brand makes sure that he repaints the walls of his house after every six or seven months. It helps him to keep himself entertained and interested in his own house. Plus, the compliments are just another perk.

Change/Get Some Wall Decor

Wall decors Design Ideas By Julian Brand actor

There is a lot of wall decor available in the market and you know best what’ll go perfectly in your house. Julian Brand recommends just changing the position or rooms of the wall decor even if you have some already. Doing this will provide a new look to your walls and a fresh feeling in your heart. Julian Brand does this every second or third week because this doesn’t only keep a person occupied but also works as a therapy for some people. Try to do this once and you’ll notice that doing this makes you happy and provides an odd kind of satisfaction.

Create A Home Office

julian brand creates a home office for actors and artists

The idea of a home office might be offputting for some people. That’s because most people don’t even wanna think about work while they’re at home. Well, this is for those people who love their work. Julian Brand is one of those people and he has designed and created his home office all by himself. Just think about it, you can’t just have the heart-desired environment in your office and that’s why you need to create a home office. A home office is something you create with everything at your disposal. It’s your own personal space created with the things you like to do the job that you like. Julian Brand works for a few hours on the weekends in his home office.

Best DIY Interior Design Ideas – Indoor Garden

indoor garden Design Ideas By Julian Brand actor

Gardening is like therapy for a lot of people and most of them also say that it’s an art and a gardener is an artist, just like Julian Brand says that interior design is an art and an interior designer is an artist. So, get some plants and planters and create your garden inside your house. There are a lot of plants that need minimal sunlight and can comfortably grow indoors with minimal care. Such plants are used more as decor other than anything else. Julian Brand also has an indoor garden and he treats all of his plants with as much care as they need. He says that gardening is actually like therapy and is not much different than DIY interior designing.

Furnishing From Fabric

Furnish from fabric ideas by julian brand for actors and artists

Just like Julian Brand, you can turn fabric into furnishing such as cutting out pieces from old curtains to make cushion covers or pillow covers. This can be done to provide an aesthetic look on your couch, bed, or chairs. You can also use the pieces of old curtains and drapes and use them on your chairs, just like Julian Brand. This will provide a fresh look all over your house and you’ll feel like you have bought brand new furniture. Plus, you won’t have to throw away old fabric and will also use the most basic way of saving the environment, recycling (a thing that every one of us must do, however, most of us miserably fail to do).

Rearrange Your Bookshelf Or Get A New One

actors like creative book shelves ideas by julian brand

If you already have a bookshelf and want to do something new with it, just arrange your books in a new pattern or change the position of your bookshelf. If you don’t have a bookshelf, just get a new one. Julian Brand says that books provide knowledge and knowledge is power. So, if you don’t have any books… Go get some and fill yourself with knowledge. Readers like Julian Brand love keeping their books clean and their bookshelves presentable and once you pick up the hobby, you’ll always want to find new ways of presenting your bookshelf and arranging your books.

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