Easy 6 Tips To Design Your Dream House By Julian Brand

Easy 6 Tips To Design Your Dream House By Julian Brand

Ever wanted to design your dream house or hire a professional interior designer, however, never got the opportunity to do that. Well, Julian Brand is here with some tips to help you. What if you were told that you can do it all by yourself. Make your home look like a place that has been worked on by a professional interior designer. Being in the field for around five years, Julian Brand knows all the tricks of the interior designing world. If you just do it right, you can do it yourself. The only thing you need to focus on is the basic factors of interior design. That way you’ll be able to design your dream house the way you want to.

In this article, Julian Brand will help you in understanding how to turn your home into your dream house by just following 6 easy tips. These tips are what all interior designers use to redecorate a space. Learning how to use color schemes and rearrange things, you’ll be able to design your dream home all by yourself as they are the easiest interior designing tips. Julian Brand highly recommends using these tips if you wish to design your dream house yourself. So, here are the Easy 6 tips to design your Dream House by Julian Brand:

Keep The Start Simple

There’s no need to go all out from the very beginning. You don’t need professional software to start designing. Just pick up a pencil and start making rough sketches of your dream house. Note down all the things you need in every room. Julian Brand says that the best inspiration comes when we least expect it to. So, just start jotting down the ideas as soon as they hit your mind. This will make it very easy for you to go forward. Making the best of what you have is the way to design your dream house. That’s how Julian Brand started designing his dream house and the results were amazing.

Keep The Future In Mind

While starting simple is the way to go, keeping the future in mind is very important. Your dream house is a place where you’ll probably spend the rest of your life. So, Julian Brand says that the design must be done while thinking about your future plans. For example, if you have parents who are growing old or you plan to have children. You’ll need to plan your dream house according to that. It’s always good to prepare for the future whenever you’re making a big move in life. Julian Brand says you’ll need room for the people you need to keep close to you so plan according to that. The size of your future family will determine the number of rooms in your dream house.

Choose An Appropriate Location

A dream house needs to be built somewhere that suits your vibe the best. Keeping your future plan in mind, select land that’s big enough for your dream house. If you choose land that’s near a beautiful view, you can design the living room facing that way. Also, Julian Brand says that it’s essentially up to you when it comes to fulfilling your design and using the land. For example, if you have some land left out of the design, you can plan to get a pool installed or making a lawn.

What Do You Prefer?

While designing your dream house, make sure that you don’t let go of something you really prefer to have in the house. That’s because this is your “dream house”, the house you always wanted. The house you’ll probably live in for the rest of your life. So, instead of focusing on luxuries, focus on your priorities. Instead of spending your budget on expensive stuff, just save it and spend it on what you need in your dream house. Julian Brand says that the key to designing your dream house is to keep your priorities in mind and not being tempted by luxuries. Of course, everyone wants luxurious items in their house, however, luxuries should be bought with the leftover money.

Color Scheme And Texture

One of the most important aspects of designing any space is the color scheme. Choose a color scheme that you vibe with. Julian Brand believes that color scheme and textures are what make a house feel like home. So, while you may be able to design a dream house, color schemes and textures are important to make it a dream home. Every room must have a color scheme and a texture mix that represents the room itself. Either that or the person who will be living in that room must vibe with it. Also, it is also important to make sure that the color schemes and textures of the whole house must mix up well together.

The Furniture

This is where you make your dream house look really presentable. While it is important to do that, your comfort is of the most importance. So, choose the furniture that looks impressive and also fulfills your comfort requirements. Julian Brand says that the best way to do it is to actually test out the furniture that you think would look good in your dream house. Also, it is of high importance to place the furniture in such a way that it’s appealing and comfortable for everyone in the house. Julian Brand recommends going to a reputed furniture store and testing it out to make sure it fits your preferences.

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