Julian Brand Reacts to Famous Actors’ home interior designs: Robert Downey Jr.

Julian Brand Reacts to Famous Actors’ home interior designs: Robert Downey Jr.

Welcome to my blog. Well, you all must have read my bio but for those who have just landed on this blog, I would like to give you a brief introduction about myself. I’m Julian Brand, an interior designer from Los Angeles, California, who has worked for many actors. This article focuses on actor Robert Downey Jr’s Hamptons house.

We all like to come home to a nicely designed house which is only possible with a great interior selection. The interior of one’s house is not just setting up artifacts and stuffing furniture, it reflects the personality of the person living inside the house. Due to this reason, many people post pictures of their homes on social media.

In this digital age, we want to stay updated with all the latest things and trends so that we can keep ourselves updated. The interior designing business also got some influence from the same because of Actors posting on social media with their great-looking home interiors, making people want to recreate them.

But there are many people out there who cannot spend so much money like actors but still want to uplift their interior, this is where my blog series will help. I have started this blog series “Julian Brand Reacts to Famous Actors’ home interior designs”, in which I will not only react to their interior designs but will also help you create the same look on a budget by providing substitutes. So, today I’ll be reviewing Actor Robert Downey Jr’s Hamptons House. 

The Windmill

windmill julian brand Actor Robert Downey Jr Hampton House

The most unique part of this property is that it was a windmill and they have recreated it into a house. Well, creating your house in a windmill might not be ideal and a good idea money-wise for most people, however, I will surely help you in getting the interiors right. In the Actor’s house, there are a lot of wall hangings that are related to some random comments and phrases.

Wall Hangings


You can get that look by downloading some phrases and quotes from google and print them in good quality, get them framed the way the actor did, and you can say goodbye to those empty walls. The other thing which I noticed in the Actor’s house was that there were big mirrors which you can easily get from Ikea or order online. You can add big round mirrors.

Flower Vases

julian brand shares Actor House flower vase

The actor also has a big flower vase on the tables which is quite affordable and you can also add those to your living room, kitchen, and side tables. Having good flowers in the house uplift the whole area and makes your house much more photogenic. The actor also has some great hanging lamps which can also be added as per your taste as it gives your living room a great makeover and the place looks quite modern and unique. You can also add your own art on the walls, giving them a personal touch. 

The Fireplace

julian brand shares Actor House fireplace

Having a fireplace might feel quite expensive to some people, however, there are many affordable fireplace setups available online nowadays. Having one like actor Robert Downey Jr has in his house will definitely elevate the looks and aesthetics of your house. Plus, A sofa set looks perfect around an exquisite fireplace. Julian Brand’s fireplace is inspired by the actor’s fireplace. Just imagine you and your family or guests having memorable conversations in the warmth of a fireplace.


Carpets go a long way in representing and reflecting your personality. Julian Brand has a carpet in every room of his house and every carpet sets a different mood. Just like Julian Brand, actor Robert Downey Jr also has a number of beautiful and eye-catching carpets in his house. Anyone who enters the actor’s house immediately learns about Robert Downey Jr’s love for carpets and many other things related to interior designing.

A Dining Table


Alright, this is an investment that you must make if you want your dining area to look exquisite, to say the least. Just like actor Robert Downey Jr’s fireplace, Julian Brand’s dining area is also inspired by Robert Downey Jr’s dining area. The actor has an elliptical black dining table with big, broad black legs and subtle-looking chairs abound the table. The dining table really complements the dining area while reflecting the royal yet aloof nature of the actor. That’s what you should aim for while getting a dining table for your home. A set that’ll complement your dining area while reflecting your nature.


Just like Julian Brand, you don’t need a considerable amount of money to make your home look like an actor’s home. What I did with my home is taking inspiration from various actors’ home interiors, mainly and mostly Mr. Tony Stark himself… Robert Downey Jr. Getting inspired by his interior design really took my home’s beauty from 300 to 3000 (pun intended). If you also want to get some ideas from various actors’ interior designs, just keep following this new series of blogs by Interior Designer Julian Brand.

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