Julian Brand Reacts to Famous Actors’ home interior designs: Jason Statham

Julian Brand Reacts to Famous Actors’ home interior designs: Jason Statham

Julian Brand brings you another actor’s beautiful house interior. Actor Jason Statham is an English actor known and praised worldwide for the Transporter series. His work is highly praised by Julian Brand as he loves the actor’s work. Statham made a name for himself as a tough guy for male fans and as a heartthrob for female fans. Moreover, his impeccable work in the Fast & Furious series as Shaw can’t be neglected. Whatever movie the actor works in, he brings life to the story and screenplay.

Just like his movies, actor Jason Statham loves bringing life to his house as well. Looking at his house and its interior, Julian Brand is left in awe of the beauty and elegance. The way that the actor’s house is designed is simply impeccable. Keeping it subtle and simple yet making it look so exquisite. His house looks exactly like someplace the transporter or Shaw would live in. Having a beige, cream, and white color theme, the actor’s Malibu house is a blessing for the eyes.

Join Julian Brand as we take a deeper look into actor Jason Statham’s Malibu beach. We’ll look at all the interesting aspects and try to figure out how we can make our homes as beautiful as Jason’s. So, without keeping you waiting, let’s hop on this ride with the transporter:

The Workstation


Actor Jason Statham’s workstation looks like a place where work won’t feel like work. A sleek beige desk connected to the wall with the monitor on top. That’s exactly how Julian Brand likes to keep his workstation. Plus, an exquisite office chair just adds to the beauty of the workstation. Although the actor has an expensive Mac on his workstation, an affordable Windows PC will also look great on such desks for people like you and me. So, if you want your workstation to look great, take some tips from Jason Statham’s workstation.

Jason Statham Soothing Master Bedroom


Julian Brand believes that the bedroom must be the most peaceful place in a house. This is because the bedroom is where we go to lay back and rest. Looking at Jason Statham’s master bedroom, we get a feeling of peace and calm. The cream and white color themes really make it a soothing place to be in. See how the accessories go along with the theme and complement the beauty of the room. Whoever designed actor Jason Statham’s master bedroom is a great interior designer. Looking at this bed, Julian Brand gets a lot of inspiration and ideas for an actor-themed master bedroom.

Dining Area


Actor Jason Statham’s dining area is filled with decoration accessories that should be in every house. Plus, the dining table and chairs go along with the color theme of the house. With a big black bowl in the center, the table’s beauty is only increased. Julian Brand has a similar hanging light above his dining table as the actor has. Having wall hangings on the walls around your dining table is also an interior design statement. Consider getting some paintings for the walls in your dining area to make your house look exquisite.

Jason Statham Living Room

julian brand shares actor jason statham home's living-area

The first thing you and your guests see when you enter your house is your living area. So, it goes without saying that it must be an eye-catching area. Actor Jason Statham made sure of it. Once again, the furniture goes along with the color theme. Julian Brand figures that it’s this interior designer’s core style. Well, it’s a very impressive designing style, to say the least. Looking at the living room, the first thing that catches your eye is the fireplace. It’s designed in such a thoughtful way that it astonishes Julian Brand. The actor’s fireplace has platforms to hold wooden logs on its sides. If you ever feel like getting a fireplace in your living room, this can be a great inspiration.

Powerful Speakers Near The Workstation

julian brand shares actor jason statham Powerful Speakers Near The Workstation

What really brings life to an evening in a beautiful home? Music. Music played on powerful and high-end speakers. As far as actor Jason Statham’s workstation is concerned, he has powerful Bowers & Wilkins speakers. It’s a popular fact that the actor blasts good reggae music on these bad boys. Julian Brand doesn’t have these exact speakers, but he does have good quality ones in his living room. Just like actor Jason Statham, you should consider getting some speakers according to your spending limit. They won’t only be eye-catchers, but it’ll also be a party whenever you want.

Modular Kitchen

julian brand shares actor jason statham home's modular-kitchen

The place where the magic happens. Actor Jason Statham’s modular kitchen is certainly something out of everyone’s dreams. Julian Brand noticed that the actor’s kitchen is the place where the color theme changes. With chocolate brown cabinets and a center table, the vibe changes as you enter the kitchen. Having a modular kitchen is kind of a necessity nowadays, so why not get one made. You can take inspiration from the actor’s kitchen and you’ll be able to get what you need at an affordable price. Julian Brand got it done and so can you.

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