Julian Brand

"Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”
– Billy Baldwin

Maintaining the aesthetics and ethics of interior designing while adding a modern touch. Julian Brand makes sure that he creates unique, impressive, and eye-catching interior designs. Designs that perfectly reflect the personality and soul of a person. Julian Brand Designs also focuses on providing people with tips & tricks to create their own DIY projects. It helps people to give a personal touch to their homes. He says, “An interior designer is like an actor performing his art on the stage he’s given”. Here, art refers to interior designing and stage refers to a home or a project the designer is given.

Who Is Julian Brand

A man who holds an immense passion for interior designing. Julian Brand is someone known throughout the city of Los Angeles, California as an interior designer with a unique vision and great talent. Julian has made quite the name for himself by working for many actors, and now as a DIY interior designing blogger.

Julian Brand actors interior designer


Interior Design & Architecture

Holding an interior designing degree from FSU (Florida State University) and being in the field for around five years, Julian Brand can fulfill all your interior designing needs while keeping your vision in mind. The main focus is to understand your personality and paint it in the best way on the canvas of your home.

Julian Brand product design

Product Design​

Focusing on different aspects such as Lighting, Furniture, Objets d'Art, Limited Editions, Textiles & Rugs, Wallcovering, Tiles & Stone, Julian Brand uses every tool at his disposal to turn every project into a masterpiece. This is done by using many exquisite products to create a unique and soul-pleasing design.

Julian Brand branding graphics

Branding & Graphics

Along with interior designing services, Julian Brand also holds expertise in branding and graphics designing. Using his creativity from interior designing and applying it to branding and graphics, Julian creates masterpieces out of mere visions, inspirations, and requirements. You’ll be astonished by the results.

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